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AstroGrav Icon
Simulate how objects in the Solar System move and interact under the force of gravity in 3D.
CurveExpert Professional Icon
Perform data analysis, linear and nonlinear regression, smoothing, and splines.
Jmol Icon
Study, educate, and research with interactive 3D molecular visualization of chemicals, crystals, and materials.
Spice-Neuro Icon
Model data in a three-layer neural network.
Qt Visual Graph Editor Icon
Create, manipulate, open, and store graphs within various open formats.
Albireo Astronomy Toolbox Icon
Get access to a variety of astronomy-related data and simulations in one app.
WBC Differential Counter Icon
Count cell types as you view slides under microscope.
Pipe Flow Calculators Icon
Solve fluid, pressure, and pipe-related scientific problems using a wide array of calculating tools.